CEO Message

I write this message with great pride and pleasure to share that our company is the latest step in the leader of success of EG Group.

On behalf of my organization,  I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all our customers who have  shown full confidence in our products and services. Indeed, customer empowers and inspires us in every step of  our  operational excellence and delivery. We manufacture iron oxide and we do all the maintenance and operation of acid regeneration plant and pickling  line. With our many years of experience, outstanding technologies and talents as our foundation, we are expanding our fields to construction, housing and renewable energy to create higher customer value.

Also, We have provides complete Import/Export services, Contracts, Shipping, and Delivery Scheduling. The company concentrates engineering & Project, Industrial equipment & Metals import & export in between South Korea & India.

Our philosophy is ‘quality is our prime focus” and we have deployed advanced technology and applied stringent quality measures in every stage of production and services to achieve utmost customer satisfaction.

I would like to convey our commitment through this message while we continue to uphold our endless effort to serve our valued customers.

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