CEO Message

I write this message with great pride and pleasure to share that our company is the latest step in the leader of success of EG Group.

EG Group has swim across many milestones since its inception as in the year 1995 in Korea. At each milestone of this journey, EG has endeavored to service to customers whereby they feel benefited. The company has added value by offering superior quality products and services consistently.

The industry has seen rapid changes in the business environment, mainly driven by various Maintenance and operational services in Steel Industries, Capital Goods, Iron oxide powder logistics all over world, Supply of high quality sleeve to the Steel Industry.

Over the medium to long term, I believe that EIS (Excellence, Innovation and Satisfaction) initiatives will be critical, both in terms of our strategy as a firm as well as helping our clients implement their EIS initiatives. We intend to set up a system to provide best service to our clients.

We are all committed to the firm’s mission to help create an affluent society through our expertise in the Industry and our vision to be the most trusted partner for our clients

Guided by our Group Code of Conduct, we will also continue to uphold our long standing values of entrepreneurial leadership, teamwork and integrity

I would like to convey our commitment through this message while we continue to uphold our endless effort to serve our valued customers.

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